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As a result of government incentives in relation to the use of electrical energy in the Brazilian market, Brascoelma (previously Coelma Construções Elétricas) in 1983 developed for the first time in the world equipment for the conversion of electrical energy into heat, the efficiency and versatility of which made it one of the most novel and promising electrical machines introduced in recent decades: theDIFHEMI inductive fluid electrothermal generators or inductive fluid heaters, DIFHEMI being an acronym of ‘direct fluid heating by electromagnetic induction’. 
The engineer Mario di Giulio presented the concept for the first time at the 2nd Electrothermal Congress, promoted by the Brazilian National Electrothermal Committee (CNBE) in June 1983. Following initial development the inductive fluid heaters, DIFHEMIs, culminated in Brazilian patents 8300396, 8302583, 8506299 and 96011181-1.
A group of engineers having declared that the inductive fluid heaters, DIFHEMIs, were one of the most important ideas developed in the decade of the 80s, today they are an incontestable reality, demonstrating total versatility in the heating of any type of fluid, with a proven overall efficiency of 98%. This makes the inductive fluid heaters one of the most-efficient electrical machines ever developed, verifiably approved and utilised by more than 300 clients.
Because of their innumerable unbeatable applications in the electrothermy field, employing electrical energy induction, the use of DIFHEMIs has resulted in immediate process savings when compared with energy from fossil-fuel combustion, or even when compared with the use of electrical resistances.

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