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Difhemi Heaters

is an acronym of direct fluid heating by electromagnetic induction; they are fluid heaters with innovative technology belonging exclusively to Brascoelma, there being nothing similar worldwide. They directly heat any type of fluid, liquid or gaseous, at the desired temperature, flow rate and pressure without the need for neither heat exchangers, nor resistances, nor the use of other energy sources, the heating being generated by magnetic induction, an extremely-advanced technology in the field of fluid heating. 


AA Consultrade presents an advanced technology to directly heat any kind of fluids via electromagnetic induction

Steam or thermal oil is used all around the world and for a long time now, has been heated by means of non-renewable energy sources, such as fossil fuels or electrical resistances. In industrial processes heating is usually done indirectly, by heat exchangers, heat fluids (liquids and gases). These systems, although valid, have many deficiencies. Burners are pollutants that go against the Kyoto Protocol and generate high thermal losses over the heating processes and, consequently, a low Exergetic* value. For instance, in the first stage of use of a boiler to heat up any fluid, energy is lost during the burning fuel process. In the second stage, more energy is lost in order to transfer the heat generated by the flame to the wall of the vessel containing water. Then more energy is lost in the third stage, when the container transfers its energy to vaporise the water. In the fourth stage, even more energy is lost to heat the pipes and the heat exchanger; when steam heats, indirectly, any kind of fluid resulting in another energy loss. If we perform an Exergoeconomic* analysis, adding these losses together (in other words, an Exergetic* control of the various components), a low utilisation of the thermal potential is found, and consequently, a high operating cost.

The origin of a more modern technology in this field, called DIFHEMI (an acronym for Direct Fluid by Electromagnetic Induction Heating), goes back to the principles of an electrical power transformer with the use of Exergy*generated by magnetic induction. Its heating system transcends others due to its simplicity and security, rendering its predecessors thermodynamically obsolete. By comparison, if we want to heat any fluid with the DIFHEMI, it will not be necessary to go through all those stages described above; we simply use Exergy* generated by electromagnetic induction and the fluid will be warmed up in only one stage.

With DIFHEMI, as picture below, fluid enters the inlet tube, goes through the long internal tube bundles and goes out the outlet tube, immediately heated to the target temperature, pressure and flow, with great use of energy and operational simplicity. The system does not generate pollution of any kind, has no noise, is static, does not require any peripheral equipment, is naturally cooled, needs no complicated government and environmental agency permissions and controls, does not provide risks of explosion and does not require maintenance. It is greatly superior from a thermodynamic standpoint – 10-30% better than traditional heaters. The equipment works automatically, is compact, easy to install and requires little investment and low operating costs.  Read More


  1. Temperature accuracy and uniformity throughout the fluid and process quality by keeping the temperature constant.

  2. Elimination of all maintenance costs, facilities and related contracts. (*Maintenance of oil storage tanks, hydraulic system, fuel nozzles, pressure tank, pressure tank suitability to NR 13, operator for 24h steam boiler, among others.)

  3. Total safety for the operator and the entire process.

  4.  Space savings due to the compact form of inductive heater construction.

  5. Elimination of water consumption by the boiler, as well as its treatment.

  6. Direct fluid heating without the need for a heat exchanger.

  7. Due to the working system the heater is anti-polluting.

  8. Exempt from waste generation on direct heating of thermal fluid due to non-oxidation.

  9. In operation the inductive heater is totally noise free.

  10. By heating only the fluid, the use of fuel oil additives is not required.

  11. Almost immediate heat availability on Inductive Heater energization due to its very low thermal inertia, eliminating long heating periods necessary for the boiler to reach the set temperature.

  12. Ease and low installation cost.

  13. Heat-saving advantages with the elimination of steam transport pipes.

  14. Heater working pressure equivalent to pump / circulating fan pressure.

  15. Global energy saving due to its high efficiency of 98%.

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