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Both in electro-technical or/and electronics the rectifier, is a device used to rectify an alternating current, AC, signal in a unidirectional current signal (always positive or always negative), commonly known as direct current, DC. The rectifier, has always connected to other components, is used to transform alternating current into direct current, in different applications, as can be seen following.

Feeders for Aluminium treatments.jpg

Feeders for aluminium treatments & electro colouring

Acheson furnaces and Synthetic Graphite.

Feeders for Acheson furnaces & Synthetic Graphite production


Rectifiers for electrolysis


Rectifiers for cataphoresis

Rectifiers for galvanic.jpg

Rectifiers for galvanic 

Chrome-plated rectifiers .jpg

Chrome-plated rectifiers

Seawater Chlorination .jpg

Seawater Chlorination rectifiers

Gas Plant

DC Arc Furnaces Heating SCR Rectifier

Silicon Growth Power Supply .jpg

Rectifier for Silicon Growth Power Supply 

DC Plasma torch heating rectifier .jpg

DC Plasma torch heating rectifier

Caustic Soda  production.png

Rectifier for Caustic Soda

Hydrogen production .jpg

Hydrogen production Rectifier

Electrostatic precipitators.jpg

Electrostatic precipitaton rectifiers

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