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Control Panel Cabinet

BRASCOELMA’s thyristorised controls are among the most reliable and robust in the market. Their quality and versatility permit their application in the most-diverse industrial processes. The controls can be supplied installed in modules, on backplanes or in complete panels.


Principal characteristics:

• Firing mode: controlled by phase angle or impulse train.

• Electronic soft-start module.

• Pulse-inhibiting input.

• Maximum current limit.

• Current feedback.

• Operable in ON-OFF mode.

• Reliable operation in aggressive environments.

• Load-adjustable raising and lowering times, from a few seconds to tens of minutes.

• Supply voltages of up to 760 volts.

• Control signals: 0-40 mA, 0-20 mA, 0-5 V, 0-10 V, or others.

• Firing-angle adjustment for inductive loads.

• Interconnection with the principal CLPs available in the market.

Principal applications:

• supplying inductive fluid-heaters;

• supplying electric rectifiers;

• supplying induction, arc, or electric-resistance furnaces;

• supplying electric motors;

• Any other loads, resistive or inductive, requiring energy control with extreme reliability.

Principal protective devices:

• Ultrafast fuses for short-circuit protection with signalling and control disconnection by microswitch mounted in each fuse.

• Electronic-relay overcurrent protection.

• Phase-reversal and loss-of-phase protection.

• Varistor protection against grid transients.

• RC circuit for thyristor protection.

• Thyristor overtemperature protection with control disconnection.

There can also be incorporated in the system:

• Digital or analogue voltmeter for voltage input/output measurement.

• Digital or analogue ammeter for output-current measurement.

• Potentiometer for manual output-voltage adjustment.

• Digital timer with configurable range and process-end annunciator.

• Visual and audible alarm.

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